Saturday, October 27, 2012

Send your junk mail back to the advertiser!

Sample reply mail.

 It never fails. The mail box lid slams shut and you proceed to see what goodies were left for you by the postal worker. Of course you have a bill or two which there is nothing you can do about (unless you are a. wealthy, or b. just better organized than most). Looking further into the stack will most likely reveal spam. Whether it is a time share sale, insurance advertisement, get cash now ad (or whatever) chances are you do not want it. To help stop this unwanted mail I have a proposal for you that will not only send the mailer a message, but will clean up your mailbox.

1) Find a reply mail that contains a prepaid envelope.
2) Sort through all of your junk mail
3) Remove your personal address (optional but recommended)
4) Stuff all unwanted mail in the prepaid envelope
5) Place back into the mailbox for the next pick up

If nothing else, you cleaned up your box. It is amazing how heavy a person can make these envelopes. If everyone was to try this - maybe, just maybe - we would annoy a company so badly they would reconsider what it sends. Doubtful, but I feel better sending a message back.

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