Saturday, October 27, 2012

Send your junk mail back to the advertiser!

Sample reply mail.

 It never fails. The mail box lid slams shut and you proceed to see what goodies were left for you by the postal worker. Of course you have a bill or two which there is nothing you can do about (unless you are a. wealthy, or b. just better organized than most). Looking further into the stack will most likely reveal spam. Whether it is a time share sale, insurance advertisement, get cash now ad (or whatever) chances are you do not want it. To help stop this unwanted mail I have a proposal for you that will not only send the mailer a message, but will clean up your mailbox.

1) Find a reply mail that contains a prepaid envelope.
2) Sort through all of your junk mail
3) Remove your personal address (optional but recommended)
4) Stuff all unwanted mail in the prepaid envelope
5) Place back into the mailbox for the next pick up

If nothing else, you cleaned up your box. It is amazing how heavy a person can make these envelopes. If everyone was to try this - maybe, just maybe - we would annoy a company so badly they would reconsider what it sends. Doubtful, but I feel better sending a message back.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What if I stumble, what if I fall?

A fork in the road. Something that you feel that you cannot describe. What does it mean? The questions scroll through my mind. Who am I, what am I and what am I really doing with the time that I have here? They are all questions that a person faces at some point or another

Last week I was on vacation and took a break from life as I knew it. I ch
anged  my daily habits. What is it about taking a step away from the normal? The questions are consuming. However, they are still overwhelming. I have four kids at the moment and a beautiful wife. Yet "more more more" screams out loud. I have thoughts rambling through my head to write a book, start a business, go on random
trips etc. Another part of me wanted to start blogging again. I even mentioned to my wife this week that I wanted to blog about something. I was thinking about music and new music that I am listening to at them
time to expand my tastes. It never seems enough though. There is a void that I cannot explain. I have found myself listening to Jars Of Clay and DC Talk alot the past few days. Yes - I am a Christian. I profess the Lord as my savior - but fail to come close to what someone should be, when acting as a carrier of the title.

This is not a normal post. Normally, I try to fit the topics into something; a category that I have set up. So, for the time being that I have set up a "personal thoughts." I figure even as a dedicated blogger of a certain topic I have to vent, and I am not going to create multiple blogs. You have me - as I am - will be - and that is all I can say about that.

Sorry for the rambling. Just had some things on my mind that I needed to share. Thank you for listening.

Let me leave you with the song that I cannot get out of my head at the moment. That will maybe lead to the music blog I was talking about.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Virtual Friends

At one time they were considered to be unhealthy. Depending on what generation you have grown with they may even have been called scary, potential criminals, stalkers - weirdos etc. However, it is nearly impossibly today to not have them: Virtual Friends. Whether you play an online game, or participate in social networking sites - you develop a social online network that you would not have in real life. That is not to say that you cannot cross friends over, or meet your online buddies. And yes - as with anything you still need to retain caution.

How many years ago was it? Did you ever have a pen pal? Or perhaps you have written a soldier overseas to help them through the war. Why was that not considered odd? Criminals only visit the internet, I see. Consider gambling at the casino, a game, and chatting with the people around you over a quick beer or soda in between hands or while the dealers are changing out. What is different between that - and any other online game?

I have a Facebook page, had a Myspace page, play an online game (mmo) and even have a blog. I also chat on Vent with people while playing the game that I play. I hope you would have guessed that by now. I live my life in the open and only keep certain information hidden. I will not tell you my address or social security number. Most other information is restricted as well but it is nothing that you could not find by going to your local record holder. Much of this information is free or costs minimal amounts.Of course none of my 392 friends are weird and I know each one of them. Sure...

I can tell you from experience that I have had family members have their sole social interaction online. Another family member "left" their significant other to meet an "online friend." Another family member has met several people in various spots of the US. I cannot say that I agree, however, that is not the point. Where we have sites like eHarmony, etc. why are some things acceptable and others not?

If you want an eye opening experience visit While visiting this site think about the stigma of online predators. You have some living next door.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Google owns the internet. Now, they pay indie bands!

At South By Southwest which is a major media convention that seems to be growing in popularity with Facebook, MySpace, and now - Google? Google is promoting partnering bands, and paying the bands for advertisement. The videos which can be uploaded for free are shared with the world. The musician can display his or her content, sell some add space and earn revenue. In the event that the band's video gets embedded into another web page, the earning can go up. Very interesting concept for the aspiring artists. That being said, when Facebook and others are trying to find a way to tap into the music industry. The media giant, Google, did and is offering payment for content while cutting out the music record industry. No middle man means more profit for the little guys.

To find out more, go here to sign up, or review the article which I found from

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

FYI: California Earthquake Los Angeles

I posted an article the other day explaining the kinetic energy of plate tectonics. My predicted zone of impact was San Francisco since it was a hot spot. The article can be viewed here.

Today, there was an earthquake in LA. The Nazca plate and Pacific plate also connect to the Eurasian plate and Indian Australian.Also today on the other side was an earthquake in Russia and China where the Pacific plate meets the Eurasian plate. By the flow of this energy I would suspect that earthquakes will appear around Africa, to eastern Europe.

If you go to you can actually see the impacts.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Breasts Don't Have PCB's.

I am not an expert. Nor do I have the proper organs to facilitate the argument of this quick blog. However, while I was looking for pictures for a website that I am assisting with - I noticed something. Breast feeding is a natural function of the human female body and was the intentional design. The rest of the world and world health organization, supports breast feeding and notes the advantages. So, why have we, as Americans, downgraded human life to an expendable, form? Our animals are now considered babies by most. Our babies are considered vermin by some. After that confusion we then move to the people that actually "want" children. You can cut your baby out if you like (c-section), you can cut your baby up (abortion), you can drop your baby off at random places if you do not want them... Before I continue, I must also state that dropping your baby off is a MUCH better option in efforts of preserving life. We can hire someone to even raise our babies for us. 

So, while I was looking at photos - I just wanted to note that most people would call these beautiful... The animals are naturally performing a feeding. We will place these on public office walls, admire on our screen savers, send photos to friends, show our children, play on tv commercials.... This is a work of art divinely inspired!
I have not really seen advertisements of the animals being hand fed and that being associated with beauty. Unless, of course, it was some sort of rehabilitation. Even the little piglets are tandem nursing. Which, for those of you that do not know, is nursing more than one infant at a time. Humans turn their heads at two children nursing at the same time. The cute little pigs though are expected to nurse 7-8 in a sitting.

This is a topic that I could continue blabbing about for a long time so I will just skip the body and hit the main point.

Look at the baby's faces in these photos. The nursing vs. bottle fed. I am not even going into the health (nutrients) of feeding. Only the attachment. The bottle fed baby stares into the sky, or out into the world - no real look other than dazed. Of the 65 pages for the stock photos, I only found 1 photo of a bottle fed baby smiling at his or her mom. The other photo is of a breast fed child. How can you deny the absolute connection that the feeding shares? 
Of course then we wonder why our kids need supplements, are detached, and cannot confide in us. We fed them a replacement from birth, let them feed themselves from a replacement mother and Ferberized them for the remainder of their life. Deal with it, cry it out.

Friday, March 12, 2010

New Cisco Router Supports 322Tbps

Wow. This is amazing...

"Among other 322Tbps tasks: Transmitting every motion picture ever made (5 minutes), downloading the entire printed collection of the Library of Congress (1 second), or transmiting the entire DNA sequence of 56,000 people (also 1 second)."

Full article here.